Matched Hybrid Tee (Magic Tee)

The series 385 matched hybrid (magic) tees are 4-port devices which can be used for splitting and combining signals in communications applications and for test and measurement.  Each tee is optimised to produce the best combination of matching, balance and isolation.

The magic tee has H-plane (sum), E-plane (difference) and two co-linear ports. A signal applied at either the H-plane or E-plane port will split equally between the two co-linear ports. The outputs will be in-phase for an input at the H-plane port, and 180 out of phase if the input is at the E-plane port. Applying signals of equal magnitude at the co-linear ports will result in their summation at the H-plane port and the difference signal at the E-plane port.

The model 385 tees have excellent isolation between H and E-plane ports and between the two co-linear ports.


  • Models from 2.6 to 330 GHz
  • Excellent balance
  • High E-H port isolation
  • High Co-linear isolation
  • Good VSWR
  • Full waveguide band