Millimeter & Sub-millimeter Calibration Kits

At millimeter wave frequencies the quarter wavelength lines required to carry out a TRL calibration become so thin as to become fragile and prone to damage and distortion.

By using multiple 1⁄4 λg lines the need to use very thin, fragile sections is negated, ensuring a more reliable and repeatable calibration.

Flann millimeter wave calibration kits have been designed in close co-operation with NPL and incorporate 3⁄4 λg or 5⁄4 λg sections. Flann has been awarded a licence by NPL to manufacture devices using this technology.


    • Models 90 GHz to 500 GHz
    • Thru-Reflect-Line (TRL) Calibration
  • 3⁄4 λg or 5/4 λg lines
  • 3 Grades
    • Bronze Grade (Series 704)
    • Sliver Grade (Series 721)
    • Gold Grade (Series 741)
  • National Physical Laboratory Technology Applied