Standing up to severe conditions, MPG’s Combline Filter series offers high Q performance in a ruggedly designed package.

By replacing the inductors in a lumped element filter with distributed inductors or lengths of transmission line, and combining with lumped capacitors, Combline Filters support narrowband, low loss and VSWR applications.

Given the durable packaging, MPG’s Combline Filter can be manufactured for a range of narrowband uses, with smaller package sizes available to fit applications where lower Q levels can be tolerated.

  • Frequency: VHF and UHF from 500 MHz to 40 GHz (L band, S band, C band, X band, Ku band, K band, Ka band).
  • Features: Combline Filters are available in bandwidths from 3% to 18%, and configurations of 2 to 17 sections. Combine filters offer a Q range of 750 to 10,000 with bandpass or band reject designs available.