High-Speed DF Antenna Commutating Switch DFA0239

DF-A0239 (1 – 6000 MHz)

The DF-A0239 is a high-speed 6- to 3-channel commutating switch intended for switched elements direction finding applications.

The switch works in combination with a band switch* and can accommodate up to 4 bands, each with 6 antenna elements, and routes any 3 elements of a selected band of 6 elements to any of the 3 outputs.

The switch is designed to be mounted internally within the weatherproof cavity of the DF-A0029, DF-A0037 and DF-A0095 direction finding antennas, as well as the DF-A0057 outdoor enclosures designed for use with the DF-A0001, DF-A0007, DF-A0038, DF-A0062 and DF-A0136.

The switch accepts a very wide input voltage range and is controlled via hardwired logic lines or an EIA-485 (RS-485) interface. The commutation table can be programmed via the RS-485 interface. Commutation is triggered via an external strobe line. All switching is solid sta

DF-A0239 Features

  • 6- to 3-channel commutating switch
  • High-speed solid state switching