The MAXI-POLE® Series of tunable filters provides improved passband performance (reduced insertion loss for a given bandwidth) in a slightly larger package.

The product line includes several standard designs in various frequencies to support almost any application

Frequency Range: 1.5 MHz to 1 GHz

Bandwidth: 1.9%-5.5%

The MAXI-POLE® series is tunable to up to 251 positions per band, utilizing a high-quality pin diode switched capacitor array with a customized high voltage driver. Well recognized for its accuracy and reliability when tuned to pre-defined frequencies, MAXI-POLE® Filters are widely used where adjacent radio signals may cause interference on the acquisition channel, but the highly flexible design makes it fit for a wide variety of applications.

MAXI-POLE® Filter frequency: HF, UHF, VHF from 1.5 MHz to 1 GHz.

MAXI-POLE® Filter features: MAXI-POLE® Tunable Filters are available in bandwidths from 1.9% to 5.5% with insertion loss of 1.8 to 6.3. Filters can be constructed in x to x sections with an available Q range of x GHZ to x GHz , in tunable bandpass or band reject notch designs.

Offering high power and low distortion, the MAXI-POLE® Tunable filter delivers the following advantages:

  • A 3.25 x 2.5 x 1.5 inch enclosure (82.55 x 63.5 x 38.1 mm
  • Convenient SMA connectors and 15-Pin D-connector for easy installation
  • Several standard designs in various tunable ranges to support a myriad of applications