MPG’s Quad Flat No-Lead Package (QFN) Filter

Quad Flat No-Lead Package Filter (QFN)

Quad Flat No-Lead Package (QFN) Filter fulfills the current market demand for a low cost, high performance bandpass filter, capable of meeting the space requirements common to the semiconductor and telecom industries.

The small lightweight package design is available as a 10mm unit and is fabricated to reduce lead inductance.

Where ultra-fast tuning speeds and high performance are required from a small package, the IMF Series of Bandpass and Notch Filters offer digital tunability, in 16 discrete steps, delivering maximum sensitivity and improved system performance. QFN Filters are also available as an analogue tunable device for greater flexibility in meeting budget and application requirements.

Based on a comprehensive history of designing and manufacturing RF interference mitigation products, our Quad Flat No-Lead Package (QFN) Filters are built utilizing the best technological advances of the last decade. We focus on meeting customer requirements for design, safety and cost while maintaining the small package size expected in a QFN product.

  • Quad Flat No-Lead Package (QFN) Filter frequency: From 1.5 GHz to 24 GHz (L band, S band, C band, X band, Ku band, K band)
  • Quad Flat No-Lead Package (QFN) Filter features: QFN Filters are available in bandwidths from 4% to 10%, in low loss configurations, different numbers of sections depending on rejection bandwidth needed.