Rotary Joints for Military Radar & SATCOM

Diamond Antenna and Microwave supplies a wide range of RF rotarty joints an rotating subsystems designed the demanding environments of military radar and SATCOM applications.  

Over 60 years experience with ground based, airborne and shipboard military communications and radar applications.

Design available with multi-channel integrated rotary subsystems with high power RF waveguide channes, coaxial RF channels, integrated Slip Ring / Roll-Ring and azimuth positioning with encoder / resolver / inductosyn, fiber optic and media / fluid rotary joint.

Electrical parameters incl. power ratings, isolation, losses and variation in rotation are specified for each unit.

Machanical and environmental parameters including torque, temperature leak rate, shock and vibration requirements, and exact customer inferface dimensions may be specified based on customer requirements.

Full design, analysis, manufacturing, assembly, qualification and final testing with complete SDRL documentation packages based on customer requirements.

  • Diamond Antenna Military Model 2266: Multi-Channel RF Rotary Joint with Slip Ring.
  • Diamond Antenna Military Model 546: Single Channel Waveguide L-Style RF Rotary Joint
  • Diamond Antenna Military Model 547: Single Channel Power RF Rotary Joint with integrated 8-Channel Fiber Optic Rotary Joint
  • Diamond Antenna Military Model 2620: 6-Channel S-Band / L-Band Primary and Secondary ATC Military Radar Rotary Joint.