The HMID series of double ferrite junction isolators are available to cover 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz, with more models planned.

The isolators utilize a low loss H-plane structure in a modified Y-junction format to provide minimum loss with high isolation (~40 dB).

2 GHz bandwidths with 20 dB of isolation are standard for most frequency bands. The bandwidth can be extended to as much as 9 GHz in WR-15 and in higher waveguide bands, with some degradation of insertion loss and isolation.

The isolators are commonly utilized to buffer mismatches and are often used on amplifier and oscillator outputs. They also work nicely when used at the inputs to detectors in measurement applications.

HXI | Series HMID
Part NumberFreq. Range (Mhz)WaveguideFlangeInsertion Loss (dB)Isolation (dB)CW Power Handling
HMID12-387-73.5-5.071.0 – 76.0WR – 12UG–387/U0.8402 watts +
HMID12-387-83.5-5.081.0 – 86.0WR – 12UG–387/U0.8402 watts +