Flann offer standard and special custom diplexers designed for the demanding millimeter wave applications at both V (58 to 63 GHz) and E (71 to 76 GHz and 81 to 86 GHz) bands.

Aluminium, Copper, Gold plate or Silver plate options are available depending on customer reqirements.

The diplexer 25286-5947 shown below is an example of a custom product designed and manufactured to meet a specifi c customers exacting requirement.

The Diplexer Model 26286-AA, shown below is an example of an arrangement of a typical E band diplexer designed to operate over the 71 to 86 GHz frequency band.


• Models 49.9 GHz to 92 GHz
• Low loss
• Innovative compact design
• Tuning free
• Available in small & large quantities
• Standard and customised models