1 or 2 Channels, 70 MHz – 18.25 GHz Frequency Range, 500 MHz Bandwidth Tuner

The small yet powerful Sparrow is the optimal front-end tuner for both commercial and military systems that search, intercept and locate electromagnetic energy.  Key threat detection applications include COMINT, ELINT, ESM and EW operations. Configurable as a single or dual channel tuner, each channel covers the VHF, UHF and SHF spectrums with an input frequency range of 70 MHz to 18.25 GHz and a 500 MHz ultra-wide bandwidth.  Sparrow’s ability to see weak signals in the presence of strong interferers and superior signal fidelity all within a compact 3U VPX form factor, allows users to confidently deploy Sparrow in the most demanding signal environments and achieve performance that far exceeds larger products.

The Sparrow is backed by a standard three year warranty (some restrictions may apply). We are committed to providing outstanding product reliability and support so you can focus on mission success


  • Easy System Integration – Sparrow’s simple command and control over standard Ethernet and/or PCIe Express interfaces allow developers to get Sparrow up and running quickly.
  • Best In-Class Performance Provided in a Low SWAP 3U VPX Form Factor – Weighing less than two pounds and consuming 42 watts of power in a dual-channel configuration, Sparrow is a dense low-SWAP tuner packing in high performance capabilities.
  • Independent or Phase-Coherent Operation – Each Sparrow 3U VPX card can be operated independently or phase-coherently on the fly with other 3U VPX Sparrow cards when deployed as part of a system through a single cable.


  • Military Applications – Sparrow is the optimal front-end tuner for military systems performing critical operations. COMINT, ELINT, EW and ESM applications are performed through independent or phase-coherent tuning across multiple 3U VPX units to search and locate sources of electromagnetic energy in order to detect and warn of threats.
  • Other Applications – Spectrum monitoring, testing and measuring radio frequencies and wideband spectral sensing, are a few of the applications supported by Sparrow that benefit both the defense and commercial industries.