WG Couplers, Divider, Combiners and OMT

Series 136/137

Millimetric Multihole Directional Coupler, 33 to 500GHz, 40dB (136) and 44dB (137) directivity

WOMT Series

Ortho-Mode Transducers are covering full or sub waveguide band from WR340 to WR5 up to 220GHz.

four port Hybrid Tee power combiners and dividers

4-port Hybrid Magic Tee

Available in all waveguide sizes, including double ridge, covering S-Band to Q-Band

Phase Combiners

Phase Combiners

WR-22 to WR-650. increasing amplifier power and security is to combine the power of two or more amplifiers.

Power Combiners

Power Combiners

Coupling ratios may vary from symmetrical (3dB) to assymetrical. Can handle full waveguide power. Can replace magic tees

Variable Power Combiners

Variable Power Combiners

Miniature Hybrid Couplers

Power Dividers and Combiners

Waveguide Directional Couplers

High directivity with wide operating frequency range. Can be three waveguide ports or with one coxial connection

520 Combiner Redundancy Units

Combiner Redundancy Units

520 Series. Efficient HPA Combining. Full Power HPA Redundancy. High Speed Switching

Multihole Directional Couplers

System & Instrument Grade. 2.6 to 40GHz

Multihole Directional Couplers

Series 230 / 231

Multihole Directional Couplers – Splitter/Combiner. 3 Wat Signal Splitter

double ridge multihole coupler for standard double ridge waveguide sizes

WRD 131 Series

Double ridge multihole coupler for standard double ridge waveguide sizes and tailored to any special bandwidth requirements.


Series 140

Branch Guide Directional Couplers, available in both 3 and 4 port configurations and standard coupling values are 3 dB, 6 dB and 10 dB

Flann’s OMT’

Series 780 OMT

Orthomode Transducers. Isolation > 50dB . Models up to 140GHz . Broad and Narrow Band Options


785 Series OMT

Full-Band Orthomode Transducers. Models from 33 to 220 GHz