Linear position sensors

Solartron has a complete range of linear position sensors for whatever you need to measure.

The S Series is composed of Marine Grade 316 (molybdenum-alloyed) stainless steel, ensuring the prevention of corrosion. Their solid construction is attributed to the 6mm diameter carriers which can resist strong forces from deviating the core. Accompanied by IP67 hermetic sealing available and  in measuring lengths from 5mm to 150mm with digital interface and +/-2.5mm to +/-75mm with analog output.

The Optimum series is a miniature AC LVDT transducer with durable construction and is available in stroke lengths 3, 12 or 25mm. The MD micro series is a miniature transducer with an extra light piston and is available with stroke lengths from +/-1mm to +/-10mm. The SM series has a diameter of 9.5mm and a stroke of +/-1mm or +/-3mm