I vårt sortiment hittar du flödesmätare baserat på ultraljudsteknik, turbinflödesmätare samt ovalhjulsmätare. Turbiner är fortfarande den bästa tekniken att mäta vätskeflöde med hög upplösning och snabb responstid. För tjockare media men även diesel är ovalhjulsmätare ett bra alternativ.

Intelligent Flow Display | TriLIN LNA

The TriLIN LNA Series Intelligent Flow Display unit amplifies, linearizes, and scales the frequency output generated by Turbine flow meters.

Linearizer | Lysis LSA Series

Plug-and-Measure Linearizer/Flow Computer corrects the frequency output of Turbine flowmeters

Flowmeters in synthetic material

Low-cost meter for flows up to 30 lit/min

FT-2 Series

Flow meters for OEM applications. Flow range up to 160 LPM

Turbine Flowmeters | DM Series

Turbine flowmeters suitable for measuring fuels, coolants and lubricants in the automotive and aviation industries


Digital Rate and Totaliser Battery Powered Indicator

FT Series

Turbine flow meters for measure flow with high resolution and fast response in pressurized systems with pure liquids. Gas Flow Rates: 0.09 to 1,500 ACFM


Turbine flowmeter. Tangential flow transducer capable of measuring very low flow rates in either liquid or gas with excellent response speed and repeatability.

OG Series

Oval gear flow meters for oil and other viscous liquids. Maximum range from 1 lit/min to 500 lit/min.


Ultrasonic Flowmeters that provides a measurement span of 200:1 with a measurement inaccuracy of 1.5% of the read value.

rigasDM Pelton Wheel Low Flow Flowmeters

Pelton Wheel Flowmeters | DML Series

Pelton wheel flowmeters are the ideal solution for liquid and gas flow applications - high precision, very fast response time, compact design.

GH2+ Hydrogen Metering Systems

Signal Pickoffs

Signal Pickoffs for turbine and pelton flow sensors. Magnetic and RF versions

GH2+ Hydrogen Metering Systems

Hydrogen Metering | GH2+ System

The compact GH2+ system series was developed for measurement and accounting of highly compressed hydrogen transported in trailer vehicles.

TrigasDM MiniTriLIN SIL-web

Linearizer/Flow Computer | Mini TriLIN LNA

Mini TriLIN LNA Series Linearizer/Flow Computer amplifies, linearizes and scales the frequency signals of Turbine flow meters.