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Pelton Wheel Flowmeters | DML Series

The DML-Series is a Pelton Flowmeter for Low Flow Liquids, ideal for very low flow applications which require precision, a compact housing and fast response times. The measurable flow rate goes as low as 3,78 ml/min for liquids.

The DML series Pelton wheel flowmeters are well suited for a wide variety of flow applications requiring measurement of liquids and gases at very low flow velocities.

These include among others, monitoring of flow rates of fuels and coolants in engine test and engine construction, measurement of dosing quantities in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, monitoring and measurement of ultrapure water in research and development, custody transfer of valuable fluids, etc..


  • Precision machined inlet and outlet orifices for improved linearity and reduced pressure loss
  • Digital output signal for Interference-free transmission
    • Precision sapphire jewel bearings for better repeatability and optimal
    results at low flow rates
    • Wide measuring ranges
    • Pulse sensor (pickoff) in the housing with integrated temperature sensor
    • Dimensional compatibility with Flow Technology FTO series