ARS3-PRO Triaxial

Ultra-small, high shock tolerant angular triaxial rate sensor ARS3 PRO delivers precision angular velocity measurements, even in excessive shock and vibration environments.

The ARS3 PRO is the smallest, high-rate angular rate sensor available with 3 separate sensing elements oriented in the X, Y and Z planes for full pitch, roll and yaw measurements. Unparalleled performance and reliability make the ARS3 PRO the sensor of choice worldwide for automotive safety crash testing, aerospace, in-dummy instrumentation, biomechanics and blast testing.

  • 50% mindre, 40% lättare och 25% lägre pris än 3 en-axliga ARS i monteringsblock.
  • Weight: 10 g
  • Standard range options: ±300, 1500, 8k, 18k, 50k deg/sec
  • Multiple bandwidth options available; DC response
  • Shunt check; 3000 Ω equivalent bridge resistance
  • Up to 10000 g shock tolerans