Data Acquisition system in miniature format. SLICE PRO has high bandwidth options up to 200 kHz  and data writes directly to 16 GB non-volatile flash memory 

The SLICE PRO SIM has high bandwidth options up to 200 kHz and  is available with either 9 or 18 (as shown) fully-programmable sensor input channels Supports a variety of external sensors, including full and half-bridge sensors, strain gages, IEPE, voltage input, thermocouples, etc.

SLICEWare provides fast, easy tools for storing sensor information, performing data collection, viewing and exporting data. DataPRO is a fully-featured software package with a comprehensive database and user interface for tracking sensor information, creating test objects and test setups, performing diagnostic routines, and conducting tests. Both software packages offer the most advanced self-diagnostics, plus support for EQX, ISO MME and many other data exchange file formats.