Sensorer & Givare

PTXPress | Pressure Sensor

14 pressure ranges and measurement range from 250 mbar to 600 bar. IECEx ATEX Intrinsically safe

TERPS Pressure Sensor

Pressure sensor with 0.01% precision that does not drift more than 100 ppm per year. TERPS is available in pressures up to 70 bar with isolation membrane.

PMP/PTX 3000

FAA, CAA & JTSO certified for aviation industry. Full scale pressure ranges from 350 mbar to 700 bar.


Fully welded pressure sensor with a total inaccuracy of 0.1% in the temperature range -40 to 125°C

UNIK 5800/5900

ATEX and IECEx certified for explosion and flame safety.

UNIK 5000

Pressure sensing platform. Ranges from 70 mbar (1 psi) to 700 bar (10000 psi). Accuracy to ±0.04% Full Scale

PTX 5600

Marine-classified pressure transmitter. DNV certified Available from 70 mbar to 700 bar overpressure or absolute pressure and 70 mbar to 35 bar differential pressure.


OEM differential pressure sensor. Measuring ranges from 0-35 kPa d to 3.5 MPa d

MPM283II Pressure sensor

Pressure sensor. Measuring ranges: 0~0.7MPa…100MPa


Pressure sensor for installation with 19 mm diameter. Available in the measurement ranges: 0~7kPa…70MPa.


An electronic pressure switch for pressure monitoring in hydraulic and lubrication systems. Measuring ranges: 0-1 MPa to 60 MPa


An electronic pressure switch and transmitter for monitoring in machine tools, hydraulic systems and industrial automation.


A pressure transmitter. Measuring ranges: 0-200 kPa to 20 MPa.


Low pressure transmitter suitable for a variety of environmentally friendly applications


Pressure transmitter for hazardous environments. Pressure ranges from 5 Pa to 20 kPa

TriLIN LNA Series

Linearizer/Flow Computer amplifies, linearizes, and scales the frequency signals of Turbine flow meters

Lysis LSA Series

Plug-and-Measure Linearizer/Flow Computer corrects the frequency output of Turbine flowmeters

Flowmeters in synthetic material

Low-cost meter for flows up to 30 lit/min

FT-2 Series

Flow meters for OEM applications. Flow range up to 160 LPM

DM Series

Turbine flowmeters suitable for measuring fuels, coolants and lubricants in the automotive and aviation industries


Digital Rate and Totaliser Battery Powered Indicator

FT Series

Turbine flow meters for measure flow with high resolution and fast response in pressurized systems with pure liquids. Gas Flow Rates: 0.09 to 1,500 ACFM


Turbine flowmeter. Tangential flow transducer capable of measuring very low flow rates in either liquid or gas with excellent response speed and repeatability.

OG Series

Oval gear flow meters for oil and other viscous liquids. Maximum range from 1 lit/min to 500 lit/min.


Ultrasonic Flowmeters that provides a measurement span of 200:1 with a measurement inaccuracy of 1.5% of the read value.

Measuring probes

For both analog and digital systems for tolerance measurement.

Linear position sensors

Solartron has a complete range of linear position sensors


Rack-mount multichannel non-contact position sensing


Non-contact displacement sensing


Non-contact high-precision proximity measuring

Accelerometrar 1-axle

Accelerometrar 2-axle

Accelerometers 3-axle

Piezoelectric accelerometers

Combo Fittings

Combo Fittings

Combination fittings that has a seal for the thermocouple jacket and a secondary seal.

Split Serien

PGS Series seals cables and conductors where sensors or contacts are mounted so that the seal can be split during assembly.

Single Electrode Sealing

EG series - thermally isolate single electrodes, tubes or temperature sensors up to 2000V.

Electrodes Teflon

EGT series. Thermally isolate up to  8000V of electrical conductors in metal with a current strength of up to 525 amp.


TG series - For insulated sealing of up to 16 uninsulated wires in sizes from 8 to 24 AWG. Can be different hole diameters in the same grommet.

Multi Hole Ceramic

MHC series. Uninsulated bushing for several conductors with a diameter of up to 3 mm. Seals 1-16 elements.

Packing Glands

PG Series for sealing everything from soft cables to hard pipes with diameters from 1 mm to 47.5 mm.

Power Lead

PL Series for high-quality sealing of 1-18 supply conductors in sizes 8 to 20 AWG. Rated for 600Vac/850VDC@55A max.

HD Feedthrough Assemblies

HD series. Reliable design that seals 12-60 conductors (24 AWG) in one seal. Can also be customized as desired.

High Pressure

HPPL series for sealing conductors and instrument cables at pressures up to 2070 bar.

Transducer Gland Teflon

TG24T Series Seals 24 AWG Teflon insulated copper or thermocouples. Rated to 100VDC. Up to 24 wires per penetration to 551 bar pressure.


Tactical Grade Performance. Features outstanding bias stability of the integrated accelerometers (3 to 45 μg).


Industrial Grade Inertial Measurement Unit. 6 DOF System

Uniaxial Gyroscope

ASC's uniaxial gyroscopes are used in a variety of applications e.g. wind energy, crash tests of cars and field tests of cars, heavy vehicles and trains.

Triaxial Gyroscope

The triaxial gyroscopes are based on proven MEMS vibrating ring sensor elements

CRM 100

The "in-plane" version of the PinPoint 1-axis gyro.

CRM 200

The "orthogonal" version of the PinPoint 1-axis gyro.

PDCR/PTX 1830/1840

Level sensor, High precision, stability and very good tightness class


Industrial Grade Inertial Measurement Unit. 6-DOF system that measures linear and angular motion using a combination of accelerometers and gyroscopes

Semi Standard PRTS

industrial platinum resistance thermometers (IPRT / PRT) are ideal for field and lab use. 90 degree angled probes to a maximum temperature of 660°C.

Semi Standard Thermocouples

Suitable for use as references in Isotech Dry Blocks and for use with temperature indicators. Range 0 to 1300°C

Thermocouple Standards

Model 1600. The type R and S standards will cover the range from 0°C to 1600°C.

Platinum / Palladium Thermocouples

Temperature Range 0°C till 1500°C

Copper Point SPRT

Modell 108462. Measuring Range 0°C to 1100°C


OEM pressure transmitter with optional digital indicator.


Differential Pressure Transmitter for Oxygen


Piezoresistive Analog Output Pressure Transmitter for Oxygen


Digital intelligent preassure transmitter with high accuracy & good stability


Piezoresistive Analog Output Pressure Transmitter for Oxygen


Intelligent pressure transmitter. 4~20mA current output together with HART® (2-wire). IP65.


Differential Pressure Transmitter for oxygen pressure measurement


Pressure Transmitter with optional digital indicator