Semi Standard PRTS

These industrial platinum resistance thermometers (IPRT / PRT) are ideal for field and lab use. Suitable for use as working standards in Dry Blocks and Liquid Baths or as high accuracy probes for our range of True Temperature Indicators.

Isotech has 90 degree angled probes to a maximum temperature of 660°C. They are primarily for use in our Portable Temperature Calibrators for applications where the units under test have a terminal head fitted that would otherwise obstruct a longer reference thermometer. These sensors should be calibrated as part of the Portable Calibrator.

All the thermometers are metal sheathed and both less fragile, and more affordable than the Isotech range of true Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers that are used in laboratories and our found in our publication “Solutions for Primary and Secondary Laboratories”.

All the thermometers use handmade Pt100 coil wound platinum sensing elements (RTD) to give high accuracy and low drift. Isotech’s UKAS accredited lab can calibrate to the smallest of uncertainties.

Calibration should be specified to suit the particular operating range and application. Isotech can advise on which service is appropriate to match the temperature range and application.

■ High Accuracy, -200°C to 660°C
■ Working Standards In Dry Blocks and Liquid Baths
■ Field and Laboratory Use